History unmade

C. Claire Thomson has ventured into the Dreyer-collection at the Danish Film Institute and traced the meticulous research undertaken by Carl Th. Dreyer in the 1940s and 1950s when he was working on a biopic on Mary Stuart. Dreyer's original manuscript for the unrealised film about Mary Stuart is published for the first time together with the article. 


Carl Th. Dreyer on vacation - and maybe research. Private photo. (DFI - The Dreyer Collection)

Dreyer is usually hailed as a filmmaker striving for minute historical authenticity in his films. Thomson, however, argues that even though Dreyer was extremely well-versed in both the history and the historiographical controversies surrounding Mary, Queen of Scots, he readily dispensed with historical accuracy in order to achieve passionate drama in the manuscript for his unrealised film.

Read C. Claire Thomson's article History unmade: Dreyer’s unrealised Mary, Queen of Scots

In Kosmorama#260

Det Danske Filminstitut CARL TH. DREYER - THE MAN AND HIS WORK


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