20 of Dreyer's scripts online

Carl Th. Dreyer’s screenplays for the company Nordisk Film from the period 1913-1919 have now been digitised and are accessible on carlthdreyer.dk. You can see manuscripts for the twenty films he worked on as writer, most of them typewritten, and in some cases multiple versions. Zoom in on the pages and read Dreyer’s hand-written corrections and comments [in Danish].


Extracts from two of Dreyer’s screenplays for Nordisk Films Kompagni: The Secret of the Bureau (dir. Hjalmar Davidsen, 1913) and The Devil’s Protégé (dir. Holger-Madsen, 1916).

The 20 screenplays

Use the list of links in the right-hand column to view Dreyer’s manuscripts for the 20 films. Under each entry you can also read more about the film and in some cases see photos from the film, if these have been preserved.

All the manuscripts are registered in the DFI Library’s database, Bibliorama. You can also search directly via carlthdreyer.dk, under Dreyer’s Archive.

Dreyer’s time as script writer at Nordisk Film

Dan Nissen writes about this period of Dreyer’s career in his biography for carlthdreyer.dk : "…In 1913, Dreyer acted on his desires and in earnest took up a career in film. A Nordisk Film executive, Frede Skaarup, had noticed the young reporter who over the past year had penned four scripts for Det Skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus. Skaarup hired him to improve the intertitles for his studio’s films and Dreyer was soon assigned the job of reading and evaluating submitted screenplays. Dreyer also wrote quite a few scripts himself over his years at Nordisk, at least 31 in all, 20 of which were realised."

Read more about Dreyer here: Dan Nissen’s biography of Dreyer.


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