The Passion Project Returns to New York

From Fridag 16 September through Sunday 25 September 2011 'The Passion Project' returns to New York’s 3LD Art & Technology Center. Prior to Touring to Regina, Canada. 'The Passion Project' is a 40-­‐minute intersection of performance and film that explodes Carl Theodor Dreyer’s immortal 1928 silent film classic The Passion of Joan of Arc into three dimensions, placing the audience inside the film, sitting next Joan.

'The Passion Project' speaks to the ephemeral nature of film with images from Dreyer’s masterpiece floating on air, caught on frames stretched with parchment and organized by a single female performer. This performer moves the projected image of the actress who portrays Joan (Maria Falconetti, in her only film role) through the environment, making the Catholic saint’s emotional journey and inevitable death on the pyre truly palpable.

Video excerpt from the project

THE PASSION PROJECT from Reid Farrington on Vimeo.

ThePassionProject_PhotoPaulaCourtThe Passion Project. Photo: Paula Court
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