Henning Bendtsen obituary

Dreyer cinematographer Henning Bendtsen ('The Word', 'Gertrud') dies, age 85. Bendtsen was considered a true master in his field, and his work with lighting, camera angles and framing was described as "spectacular cinematic art" by the Danish daily Politiken on the occasion of Bendtsen's 85th birthday last fall.


Henning Bendtsen and Carl Theodor Dreyer during the filming of 'Gertrud'.

Henning Bendtsen:

Read Henning Bendtsen obituary
Read the obituary by Ronald Bergan, Guardian.

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A conversation with Henning Bendtsen about his work with Dreyer and their collaboration on 'The Word' in particular.

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Interview with cinematographer Henning Bendtsen on Dreyer from the film 'Carl Th. Dreyer – My metier' by Torben Skjødt Jensen.

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