Dreyer's African Film Adventure

In 1934, Dreyer was hired for a film project to be shot in Africa. He wrote, together with the Italian journalist Ernesto Quadrone, a screenplay - L'Homme ensablé - and subsequently traveled to Somalia with an old camera, some raw footage and a small Italian film crew.

We know very little about Dreyer’s African film adventure, but going through the Dreyer collection at the DFI we found an Italian article by Quadrone published in 1951 in which he shares with his readers a lot of details about the making of the film. He praises Dreyer’s skills and his dedication and makes it abundantly clear that Dreyer’s working methods had an immense impact of the final result though he didn’t finish the film himself.

For the first time in English – an eyewitness account of one of the dark periods in Dreyer’s life.


Dreyer in Africa - Read the eyewitness account of one of the dark periods in Dreyer's life.

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