Chains of Dreams: Carl Th. Dreyer

We are happy to include on the website this thorough article by Tag Gallagher on Dreyer’s visual style using illustrative examples from Day of Wrath, Ordet, and not least Gertrud.


Gertrud (Carl Th. Dreyer, DK, 1964)

Tag Gallagher touches upon various themes in Dreyer’s oeuvre, such as: 1) Are the characters responsible for the emotions which destroy them? This is a secret that belongs to the heart and is the constant wonder of Day of Wrath. 2) How can people say Gertrud is bare and minimalist, unless they mean that everything boring has been removed? Gallagher compares Gertrud to a basketball game, arguing that it has more action, excitement, spills, chills and thrills, and has some of the “coolest” scenes in movies, piled on top of each other. He also touches upon Dreyer’s ‘associative’ editing, and the way he works with dialogue. The article was first published in 2002.

Read the article Chains of Dreams.

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