New essay about Dreyer and von Trier

The two great Danish filmmakers, Carl Th. Dreyer and Lars von Trier, share an artistic kinship. The twin geniuses of Danish cinema are juxtaposed by associate professor Peter Schepelern in a tour de force of their work.


Lars von Trier and Carl Th. Dreyer. Photos: Jan Buus and Rie Nissen.

Women suffer, are tortured and burned at the stake, but even down to individual shots, some of von Trier’s earliest films show traces of Dreyer’s style. Later in his career von Trier directs a TV film, Medea, based on an unrealised script by Dreyer. Crucially, Dreyer and von Trier are connected by their uncompromising will to create great cinema. Inarguably, a straight line – and a spirited legacy – runs from Dreyer to von Trier.

Read the new essay by Schepelern: 'From Dreyer to von Trier'


The new essay

Det Danske Filminstitut CARL TH. DREYER - THE MAN AND HIS WORK


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