Synopses to 24 silent films
Before he signed his directorial debut The President in 1919, Dreyer had been a fervent screenwriter of silent films. New on the website are synopses to the 24 silent films that Dreyer scripted between 1912 and 1919.
Music video on
See Phonovectra's music video Too Young To Die on The video is directed by Christina Rosendahl.See Phonovectra's music video Too Young To Die
Dreyer in Poland
An extensive series of Dreyer films will be showing at the 4th film and art festival Two Riversides held 31 July – 8 August 2010 in Kazimierz Dolny in Poland.Visit the Two Riversides festival's website
New essay by David Bordwell
In a new essay written for film historian David Bordwell draws our attention to Dreyer’s debut, The President, which is usually regarded as a second-tier work. The President is an exploratory work that offers glimpses of a characteristic Dreyerian approach to cinematic space, one that reworks the emerging continuity system and makes its local contemporaries look old-fashioned. Read David Bordwell's essay The Dreyer Generation 
News from DFI
Here you can find the latest news related to the launch of
The website is now open
Welcome to, the website about Carl Theodor Dreyer and his work. On 25 May, Per Stig Møller, Minister of Culture, officially opens the website in the Copenhagen Cinematheque. Followed by the screening of a freshly restaurated version of 'Day of Wrath' from 1943.
Dreyer exhibition in the Filmhouse
An expansive collection of Dreyer photos and movie stills is now on display in the Filmhouse foyer. The library of The Danish Film Institute also exhibits unique documents and items from the Carl Th. Dreyer collection.
Dreyer in the Copenhagen Cinematheque
During May and June, the Cinematheque will show all of Dreyers movies. The series starten on 9 May with the showing of four of Dreyer's short films and Torben Skjødt Jensen's biopic "Carl Th. Dreyer - Min metier".
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