The Jesus film

For more than 30 years, up to the time of his death, Dreyer intensely worked on his Jesus film. He had completed a script as early as 1950. A contract Dreyer signed with a wealthy American, Blevins Davis, who agreed to produce the film, proved fatal. The Jesus film was never realised.


The only Jesus Dreyer ever put on screen was in 'Leaves from Satan's Book'.

The script

Carl Th. Dreyer's script in English: Jesus of Nazareth

The articles

Dreyer’s Jesus – A Jew Among Jews by Lisbeth Nannestad-Jørgensen (1989).
The Slighted Prophet by Lisbeth Nannestad-Jørgensen (1989).
Life is truly a miracle by Jes Nysten.
An Unrealised Lifelong Dream by Jes Nysten (2010).

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