Awards and Honours

Day of Wrath

1947  Jury Special Prize. Awarded by the Venice Film Festival. A bronze statuette. 
1959  Nastro d'Argento (Silver Ribbon). Awarded by Sindacato Nazionale dei Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani (association of Italian film critics). 
1960  Le camera d’or. Awarded by Le Référendum International du Film de Vichy.  


The Danish Village Church

1948  Silver statuette + cup. Awarded by the Venice Film Festival for best short film.

The Word

1955  Bodil Award for best film. Plus, Bodil Awards to Birgitte Federspiel and Emil Hass Christensen for best actress and actor in a leading role. Awarded by Danish film critics. 
1955  Leone d'Oro (Golden Lion). Awarded by the Venice Film Festival for best film. 
1955  Diploma of Merit. Awarded by the Edinburgh Film Festival. 
1956  Golden Globe. Awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for best foreign film. 
1956  Diploma of Honour. Awarded by the 13th Festival of Film in Finland. This prize was awarded by Finnish film journalists. 
1957  National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, US. Best foreign film. 



1965  Bodil Award for best film. Awarded by Danish film critics. 
1965  FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Prize at the Venice Film Festival.
1965  DKK 10,000 award from Filmfonden (a public film fund) of Denmark.  


1947  Jury Honorary Prize (Omaggio a Carl Th. Dreyer). A bronze statuette. Awarded by the Venice Film Festival.
1955  Ugens cigar (Cigar of the Week) (18 January 1955). Chief executive Henrik West and staffers at Singers Gas came up with the idea for "Cigar of the Week" in 1955. Once a week, a cigar (or a bouquet of flowers, if a woman) was awarded to someone who had made a positive impression during the past week. The prize generated a lot of free PR in the papers. "Cigar of the Week" was discontinued the following year when BP Gas acquired the company. 
1958  Medal awarded in conjunction with the World’s Fair in Brussels, where The Passion of Joan of Arc was named one of the world’s 12 greatest films. 
1959  Honorary artist of the Studenterforeningen students’ association in Copenhagen. 
1963  The order of Ingenio et arti, 25 June 1963. (Official medal awarded to prominent artists and scientists, instituted 31 August 1841 by King Christian VIII.) 

venezia1947Venice, 1947 for 'Day of Wrath'.hollywood1956Golden Globe, 1956 for 'The Word' - Best Foreign Film.
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