A Tale of Tailoring

04.03.2014The story begins in Paris in 1926. It is a tale told by Torsten Grunwald, a gentleman with a passion for classic men’...

The Carl Th. Dreyer Award 2014

17.02.2014Cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro, who helped bring Lars von Trier's vision to life in "Nymphomaniac," received th...

Carl Th. Dreyer’s 125 anniversary is celebrated with ”quite a find”

03.02.2014DREYER AS EDITOR. A re-organisation of old archived publications in the DFI's cellar recently led to the re-discovery...
The two great Danish filmmakers, Carl Th. Dreyer and Lars von Trier, share an artistic kinship. Women suffer, are tortured and burned at the stake, but even down to individual shots, some of von Trier’s earliest films show traces of Dreyer’s style. The twin geniuses of Danish cinema are juxtaposed here in a tour de force of their work. 

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Film historian David Bordwell draws our attention to Dreyer’s debut, The President, which is usually regarded as a second-tier work. The President is an exploratory work that offers glimpses of a characteristic Dreyerian approach to cinematic space, one that reworks the emerging continuity system and makes its local contemporaries look old-fashioned.
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